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The Articles - Well, Some of Them

Full Faith and Confidence: A Conversation with
Denise Mina

July 11, 2022 •


Denise Mina is a wonder to behold—not to mention read. 

Glasgow—her hometown where she lives and works and gets around as a pedestrian and a bicyclist is a city of brutal frankness where a thick skin is a necessity of life and it's very hard to feel special. "Glasgow," Denise says, "is a place where people come up and talk to you…my whole career has been people walking up to me in the street and saying, 'I read your last book. And I thought it was shit. And this is what you did wrong.'" 

With Confidence, Denise's seventeenth novel, the accidental podcasting team of Anna McDonald and Fin Cohen, who readers met in Conviction, are back. Armed with digital recorders and cell phones, the action takes Anna and Fin far afield from Scotland on trains, planes and automobiles searching for a missing vlogger. 

a thousand steps.jpeg
California Son: A Conversation with T. Jefferson Parker

January 18, 2022 •


While it might seem like T. Jefferson Parker is the only person I interview for print, he isn't. But he just might be my favorite. And of course, he's gracious enough to say "yes" to my request. 

The men and women who populate Parker’s novels and the terrain they traverse—from Laguna Beach, Newport and San Diego to Lancaster, El Segundo and Mammoth Lakes—aren’t just in California, they are of California. They couldn’t be anywhere else and be who they are and that sets Parker apart and makes him the quintessential California crime fiction writer. 

The Fine Art of Naming Characters in Crime Fiction 

June 24, 2019 •


Ever wonder how crime authors name their characters? Ever find your own name in a novel attached to a shadowy CIA agent? 

I was honored and more than a little bit gobsmacked when Cara Black named a character after me in Murder in Bel-Air, her 19th Aimee Leduc mystery. I wrote about the experience of encountering the fictional me for 

Something's Rotten in Mammoth: An Interview of 
T. Jefferson Parker

April 4, 2016 • Los Angeles Review of Books 

Jeff Parker and I sat down to talk about Crazy Blood, his "ski noir" novel set in vertiginous landscape of Mammoth Lakes, California
How Fame Came to Beverly Hills: Why Old Hollywood Moved In

March 29, 2014 • The Hollywood Reporter

THR asked me to expand on some of the content I wrote for In the Spirit of Beverly Hills

Great Scot!

November 8, 2012 • Pasadena Weekly 

Not long after returning from the debut Bloody Scotland Crime Fiction Festival, I wrote this travel piece about my experiences at the festival and my visit—with crime fiction author extraordinaire Denise Mina as my guide—to Glasgow 

triple crossing.jpg
Book Review: ‘Triple Crossing’ by Sebastian Rotella

August 29, 2011 • Los Angeles Times

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