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The Battle for Beverly Hills: A City's Independence and the Birth of Celebrity Politics 


Today, listening to a celebrity advocating a cause, endorsing a candidate, or even declaring his or her candidacy for office doesn’t raise an eyebrow. In 1923, when eight stars battled to keep their city free from the clutches of what they perceived as a rapacious Los Angeles, it was something new. This is the story of how the stars and the city aligned to make this come to pass. 

In the Spirit of Beverly Hills


From its larger-than-life denizens, including Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly and Lucille Ball; luxurious Rodeo Drive boutiques; and fabled addresses, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, to its countless depictions in popular culture, In the Spirit of Beverly Hills explores the rich and glamorous heritage of the city that is entirely surrounded by Los Angeles. Completing this beautifully illustrated volume are can’t-miss historical attractions, shops, hotels, and restaurants for residents and visitors alike.


In the Spirit of Beverly Hills is currently out of print 

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