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And So It Begins…

Okay, if no one is interested in optioning The Battle for Beverly Hills to turn it into a screenplay, I guess I'll just do it myself. There's still no guarantee that it will be purchased, let alone ever produced, but it's too good a story for me not to make the attempt.

So, here is "The Board," the beginning of the project ā la Save the Cat!, Blake Snyder's excellent "only guide you'll ever need" to screenwriting.

My sincere apologies to the Blake's memory (he passed away suddenly in 2009). Blake's instructions for "The Board" are to divide the areas with masking tape. I have an irrational dislike of masking tape, and a true affection for yarn. Especially yarn that is variegated in color. Yeah, I know it's empty. Now. But it won't be for long. If I can write a 80,000-word book for fuck's sake, I can write a screenplay. Note: I said I can write it; I'm not as confident I can sell it.

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